Wismith & Rebecca Joseph

Founding Director

Redeemed Vocational School is the result of the work of God in the life of a young man in Haiti named Wismith Joseph. Early in his life God began to plant a dream in his heart for something more than a life of poverty and need. As God did a deeper work in his heart he also began desiring to help others. Not only ministering to them spiritually but also helping them to gain new vision and hope for their life by equipping them to work with their hands to provide for themselves.

Michael & Rebeca Gingrich

Board Member

Calvin & Jeanette Frey

Board Member​

Kenlyn & MarySue Miller

Board Member​

Floyd & Janice Martin

Board Member​

Jonny Sommers

Board Member​

Aaron and Wendy Lavy

Board Member​

Jeff & Stephanie Lehman


Herode Fevry


Meronel Dextra


Frist Dorcius

English Teacher

Geordanis Joseph

Office & Substitute Teacher

Jude Fedelus, Cliff Thesalus, Toussaint Smith-

Mechanic Shop Staff

Jean Baptiste Morelus

Computer Class Teacher

Samuel Nelson

Computer Class and Computer Repair

Jesumene Omilus

Sewing Teacher

Robert Dabady

Auto Machanics Teacher

Marie Octalia Volcy

Sewing Teacher