Redeemed Vocational School is the result of the work of God in the life of a young man in Haiti named Wismith Joseph. Early in his life God began to plant a dream in his heart for something more than a life of poverty and need. As God did a deeper work in his heart he also began desiring to help others. Not only ministering to them spiritually but also helping them to gain new vision and hope for their life by equipping them to work with their hands to provide for themselves.

Wismith Joseph

My Passion

I grew up in a small town in a poor area of Haiti. My Father farmed a small piece of ground, but it wasn’t enough for our family to live on. It’s not easy to think or to understand life when you grow up in poverty. It’s hard to feel hope or have vision for the future.

My first hope in life was trusting in God. After I put my trust in God I felt like I had to start somewhere. When I looked around me the only thing I could see was to focus on my education even though my parents would not be able to afford it. God in His goodness sent me a sponsor and I was able to go all the way through High School.

While I was in school I was learning and studying. I kept watching people and asking questions. I saw different styles of life. I saw people who finished school sitting and waiting for a job. I saw other people without much education go out on the street and get involved in small businesses like selling water or phone cards. In a short time as their business grows they can provide for themselves while the educated person is still waiting for a job. I realized that I wanted to do both. After I finished High School I started doing business. I was able to provide for myself and to afford a visa to come to the states.

My mother was a Christian and I grew up going to church, but in Haiti it’s hard to find people that truly understand what it means to be a born again Christian and I lacked a lot of understanding. After my mother died and I lived with one of my sisters I decided to quit going to church but God kept calling me. For several years I often dreamed Jesus was coming back and I wasn’t ready. I began seeking God and reading my Bible. One day I stood in church and asked them to pray for me to become a Christian. My life began to change and I was baptized. I became youth President at my church and began to work with young people.

My Vision

I asked myself many questions. What do I gain if I live my life for myself? What if I have a good business? What does God want for my life? What if I serve God with my whole heart?

God put in my heart a great desire to help others, especially young people. When you want to start something it’s good to ask yourself questions. Is my dream good? Does it fit the situation? Is the time right?

I worked with many people and God continued to give me vision. I saw organizations giving food to people, some also provide jobs. But, whatever you do to help people, if their mind never grows or changes, any help that you give them is only temporary. If everyone can thing and work for themselves, then their life can change.

Through my work with youth, I saw many young people leave schools unable to find jobs and unable to work with their hands to provide for themselves. I saw that many young people, even though they went to church, lack solid Bible teaching.

I began to wonder, “What if I opened a school to teach young people skills like sewing, baking, mechanics, computer, woodworking, and so on? What if I could teach them to really read and understand the Bible?

God gave me a vision.


I had a passion to live for God,

I had a vision to help others,

But, I wasn’t sure how to begin. I didn’t have the strength or the resources. Many times I gave my dream to God and He began to send His people. Explaining the vision was difficult at first. Sometimes I was encouraged and sometimes I was discouraged.

I spent six weeks studying the Bible at SMBI. My classmates were the first people God used to financially support my vision. God kept opening more doors and friends began to invite me to share my dream in their churches.

I didn’t know how far I could go but I was trusting God for the rest. Matt. 6:34 says, “So do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will care for itself.” We have nothing, but through faith in Christ, we have everything.

In March 2010 I began construction on the school building! It was an exciting day but it was only a beginning. God has been more than good to me and I have so many stories of how God has moved to make this little school in Haiti become a reality. Over and over again when I wasn’t sure how to press on or what was next God has proved His faithfulness to me. God has poured out his blessing on my dream and I want to honor and glorify Him in all that I do.