to break the cycle of poverty and dependence by giving them tools they can use – physically and spiritually

Sewing Class

I have loved sewing ever since my Mom first taught me how when I was 13 years old. I sewed for many people over the years and I’ve only grown to love it more! My favorite sewing is for weddings! I love sewing Wedding dresses, and my only regret is that I haven’t been able to sew more of them!

So, after being called to the mission field I’m excited to be able to use my sewing gift to serve others! I have to admit that I’ve also learned a lot about sewing since we began classes. We have to Haitian ladies that teach the class (I just help them) and they began by teaching us to take measurements and then make the pattern. I grew up in a country where you run to the store and buy pattern so I was excited to learn how to make custom patterns.

We start by teaching the girls a simple skirt pattern and then move on to a simple blouse pattern. Every other pattern that they learn is based off those two simple patterns. The patterns that they learn to sew are used in making uniforms, and clothing for many other occasions. We are equipping them to be able to sew for others thus enabling them to provide a small living for themselves.

In the future we would like to be able to help these young ladies with buying a sewing machine to start their own business or perhaps opening a sewing center that would provide jobs for those who have finished the class.

Rebecca Joseph

Computer Class

In our computer program, students learn how to use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, in addition to other skills. Many schools teach computer skills in theory, but it’s only after several months of class that students even get to touch a computer. This makes our program very exciting and appealing to students, because from the beginning they learn while using laptops.

Mechanic Class

Our first mechanics class started at the end of January 2016 under the leadership of certified mechanic, Michael Galdonik. The students are learning basic automotive fundamentals while spending time in the classroom and in hands-on activities in the shop. This program has much room for expansion and we look forward to its development.

English Class

We offer three English classes here at RVS. The students start with an introductory class and are given the opportunity to continue their education in our intermediate and advanced classes.

In Haiti knowing English is a valuable skill. It helps the young people be able to find better jobs. You will find many people in Haiti who want to learn English.

We want to help the youth by providing affordable education to them, but our ultimate purpose of the class is to be able to reach into their lives and point them to Jesus Christ, and to help them find purpose and lifelong visions for their individual lives.

Other Classes