The Need
In Haiti, when most youth finish school, they have no job training and there are no jobs available. With no vision, there’s poverty, feelings of failure, and a short term focus (food to eat today). When combined with a bad economy, years of handouts, and natural disasters, it’s a vicious cycle that gets passed down from generation to generation. People want to work, but without vision and the skills to pursue their vision, many wait on others to help instead of trying to fend for themselves.
You Can Help
The Haitian people need job skills and spiritual training. Redeemed Vocational School exists to provide that for them. We've started a school that offers English, sewing, computer, and auto mechanics. The next step is to finish the buildings currently on the property. This includes applying a smooth layer of cement over all the interior and exterior walls making them paintable and keeping moisture from seeping through when it rains; finishing electrical and plumbing systems, flooring, and paint. Once the current buildings are completed, we envision a 3rd building which would enable us to expand our classes and programs, and separate living spaces from business/school spaces. But we need your help. Please donate to help us reach this next stage!
The Solution
The solution is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the youth of Haiti by giving them a vision of hope by showing a better way and giving them skills so they can have something to do. We train them in English and trade skills to meet the physical needs, and provide Biblical training to meet the spiritual needs.